Get more out of your packaging

Endless possibilities with Heavy Duty M-Quality

Get more out of your packaging

As a leader in heavy duty corrugated packaging, Meilink has an endless portfolio for you. We develop, design and produce corrugated packaging for customers in all kinds of markets. In the first place, these serve to protect the valuable contents. That is why we have developed M-Quality Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard from our experience with the most diverse applications. Sustainable, reusable materials are used in line with the motto: less is more. We make folding boxes, die-cut packaging, but also wrapping boxes, pallet boxes and much more. For extra protection, you can also have interiors made of cardboard or other protective materials added. The possibilities are endless, but it always starts with a clear conversation about your needs and challenges.

At home in all markets

If anything is constantly changing, it is the world of packaging and logistics solutions. New markets and new products, both in the manufacturing industry and consumer goods lead to new packaging issues. From automotive parts, agricultural vehicles and defense components to medical equipment or tools, it all comes from solid, lightweight packaging made from M-Quality Heavy Duty corrugated.

Plenty of room for strong brand communication

Did you know that our packaging can be fully printed, for example in the corporate identity color but also in multiple colors? Your logo, product name and text can be added, making the packaging extremely suitable for communicating your message.

M-Quality Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard. This offers plenty of scope to propagate your brand and add to the unboxing experience. Meanwhile, more and more of our customers are discovering these possibilities.

From packaging design to ready-to-use stock

The start of a project is usually a question in the area of packaging development and design. We have a design and engineering department with several experts who focus on this specialism. Because we have state-of-the-art machines and technologies, we can quickly provide a ready-made answer to almost any question. After design and production, as part of the Meilink Group, we can offer additional knowledge and services. For example, for transport, logistics and packaging materials. We can also keep stock of your most commonly used packaging.

Together for the best solution

For the optimal packaging of your valuable and fragile product, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. We have often already done that for exactly what you were looking for. You can also opt for hybrid packaging with a multi-material combination. This offers sufficient strength, while still having a lightweight packaging. Our knowledge and capacity come into their own when we can apply them to your situation and your logistical challenges. Let's talk, and together we will come up with the best solution.

Strong advantages of
M-Quality Heavy Duty corrugated board

- Lightweight for reduced transportation costs

- Communication medium and brand carrier

- Fully recyclable so durable

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