Do you dare to take the risk?

Unwrapping a received package is something many people look forward to. 'Finally you have received your purchased product and you open the package. What a disappointment, when it turns out that its contents are damaged'. Recognizable? For the customer it is annoying, but for you as a supplier, reputational damage is lurking. The customer's trust disappears faster than it takes to restore it.

Prevention is better than cure

Did you know that Amazon values the customer experience so much that it has started to impose packaging requirements. The "Amazon Frustration Free Program" was created to "force" suppliers to design smaller and sustainable packaging. Amazon also requires that the product in the final shipping package has been tested and meets the international ISTA standard. By having your packaging properly tested, you will prevent chargebacks from Amazon, have fewer damage reports, and by having smaller (and more sustainable) packaging, lower shipping costs.


When your packaging with the product has gone through the fixed test protocol and passes the test within the requirements of Amazon, you will obtain the necessary report for the Amazon certification.


Our test engineers are ISTA trained and through training at Amazon in Seattle, IPS Technology is a partner of Amazon and included in the APASS network. We have advanced testing facilities and test for climatic conditions, corrosion, temperature changes, vibration and shock.

But we do more.

If it turns out that the packaging does not meet Amazon's strict requirements, we will provide recommendations on how to improve the packaging so that you get maximum results.

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