Double success: Nuon Solar Team TU Delft and Solar Team TU Eindhoven both win World Solar Challenge!

TU Delft: the convincing winner of the Challenger class for the seventh time

TU Delft's Nuon Solar Team, sponsored by Meilink, is for the seventh time the convincing winner of the Challenger class of the 14th Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The unofficial world championship for solar cars in Australia. The Delft student team crossed the finish line in Adelaide first after five days with solar car Nuna9. The team took four days and over six hours to complete the 3,000-kilometer race. It is now the seventh time that the team can call themselves solar racing world champions. The case was decided overwhelmingly on the third day when most of the teams were troubled by clouds. Thanks to their own satellite car, the team from Delft had access to the Internet and thus to current weather information throughout the day. This enabled the car to constantly anticipate gaps in the cloud cover. How smart is that?

Solar Team Eindhoven: the most economical

After TU Delft won the Solar Challenge for the seventh time, it was then TU Eindhoven's turn to triumph. The team won in impressive fashion in the Cruiser class. Whereas in the Challenger class it's all about one person crossing Australia as quickly as possible without any external energy input, in the Cruiser class the aim is to do this with passengers as economically as possible. Passengers can be loaded in between. TU Eindhoven stood out by doing the Solar Challenge with no less than five occupants. This resulted in a very high number of registered passenger kilometers per kWh charged. At the end of day 5, the team from Eindhoven had covered 8,692 passenger kilometers on just 38.1 kWh of charge. A convincing average of almost 230 km/kWh.

Sponsorship Meilink

Meilink is sponsoring both the Nuon Solar Team from Delft and the Solar Team from TU Eindhoven for the first time. We sponsored Eindhoven together with IPS Technology in Eindhoven. And they immediately won! We have been sponsoring the TU Twente Solar Team for some time now. We do this by designing and building packaging boxes that transport the valuable and fragile solar cars around the world and back again without damage.

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