GrowProud and Meilink on TV

GrowProud and Meilink can be seen Saturday, July 4 at 16:30 in the TV program How It's Done on RTL Z. Alfred Klunder talks about GrowProud, the importance of marketing and what GrowProud can mean for the manufacturing industry. 

GrowProud and Meilink will be featured on the TV program How It's Done on RTL Z on Saturday, July 4 at 16:30.

Alfred Klunder talks about GrowProud, the importance of marketing and what GrowProud can do for the manufacturing industry.

A tip of the hat: "GrowProud is a company with growth implementers and marketers, that supports companies in the manufacturing industry in realizing their growth ambitions through a 'total growth approach'. Shoulder to shoulder with the entrepreneur".

Peter Rikken tells the viewers what the collaboration with GrowProud has delivered: "I see progression because the sales reps are more attuned to the needs of the customers, they ask more questions". Peter also indicates that GrowProud has set up a strategy to approach customers through the website and social media, which is going better than before.

Collaboration GrowProud - Meilink

Analysis is a strength of GrowProud. For Meilink this was also the starting point for what they call 'Improving growth'. GrowProud has clearly visualized the needs of the customers and Meilink's strengths.

How It's Done

How It's Done is a program of RTL Z where in 30 minutes various inspiring entrepreneurial stories pass by. Various developments, innovations and opportunities of different entrepreneurs are discussed.

No time to watch on July 4? The rerun can be seen on Monday, July 6 at 10:30 a.m. and Thursday, July 9 at 4:30 p.m.


Update: The program has since been broadcast. You can watch the film back below:


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