Meilink acquires 100% stake in IPS Technology

Meilink, a specialist in packaging and transporting industrial capital goods, has acquired a 100% interest in IPS Technology in Eindhoven. The acquisition is the result of an interest that was acquired earlier. Founder and former owner Peter Geerts will remain with IPS for another two years.

Accelerating growth

Recent years have seen rapid development at IPS. Both sales and employees have increased by double digits and the outlook is good. Innovar, the cleanroom activity of IPS, in particular, is experiencing stormy growth. The floor area of the existing cleanroom is being doubled, in addition to the purchase of additional equipment. IPS is about to open a new location in the Eindhoven region to provide space for its own growing activities. This will soon bring the number of Meilink/IPS locations in the region to four. Cooperation with the other Meilink companies is also well underway, particularly with Meilink Schijndel. One example of this cooperation is the Sustainability Excellence Award from ASML that was achieved last September.

The helm is transferred

Peter Geerts will remain with IPS as director for two more years, gradually handing over his various duties and functions. Until that time, Peter Geerts and Dennis Groesbeek will continue to run the IPS management. Dennis Groesbeek has been managing IPS and Innovar together with Peter Geerts since he joined Meilink four years ago. In addition, he is also on the group management board of Meilink.

Both owners positive

Peter Rikken, DGA of Meilink, is pleased with this follow-up step. "Our ambitions have largely been achieved. Especially in Schijndel, we are switching better and better with 'Eindhoven' and also in our ETO (engineer-to-order) production department in Borculo things are going better and better. I am quite proud of that. I am very pleased with this conclusion and that Peter will be staying on board for another two years. And it must be said, Peter can be justifiably proud of what he has achieved over the past 25 years. The collaboration with Dennis is excellent so I have every confidence in a smooth handover in the coming period. Our plans are as ambitious as ever and the prospects are good." Peter Geerts added: "I can certainly agree with that. It fits in with the agreements we made, at the time. The merger with Meilink has further expanded the customer base and created a healthy customer dependency. The link with production has been further strengthened, which contributes to further professionalization. It does you good to transfer your company into such strong hands, both for further growth and for the employees. After all, IPS has become one of my children after all these years and I have a good feeling about it. I'm leaving it well behind like this."

About Meilink

Meilink is the market leader in the field of packaging and transportation of industrial capital goods. With a total range of chain solutions, Meilink counts almost all major companies in the Dutch manufacturing industry as customers. In doing so, Meilink has a clear brand promise: 'Securing Value', or in other words securing value for its clients. With 400 FTEs spread across eight branches in the Netherlands and a joint venture in China, Meilink's turnover in 2020 will be approximately 65 million euros.

About IPS Technology

IPS Technology ('Cherishing Industrial Products') with 90 highly educated (HBO/WO) employees is active in the field of designing packaging and handling tooling for the Dutch manufacturing industry, including the high-tech and semiconductor industry. IPS also has its own test center and cleanroom packaging center: Innovar.

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