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We took care of the entire chain: we packaged the product, flew with it, saw to it that it was handled carefully and delivered it personally on the spot. It was a very valuable product. If it had arrived damaged or not on time, it would have affected the stock market value of our client's customer.'

Di 10 Sep 2019

'That's the world we operate in,' says Dennis Groesbeek, director of Meilink. The products we package have a considerable value and/or great vulnerability. Our packaging is more than a shell. It is part of a complex process and must fit perfectly into the customer's chain. Moreover, the customer has different drivers for the packaging. The ultimate challenge is therefore to bring everything together properly.


'Industrial packaging is an unfamiliar world for many,' states Rob Jansen Duighuizen, account manager and packaging consultant. They are functional and have a high risk of failure. Not only because of the costliness of the product itself, but also because of the level of consequential damage. The packaged product must arrive at the right place at the right time in the right capacity. Our packaging must be a seamlessly fitting and stable extension for our customer to successfully deliver to his customer. If not, the process can come to a standstill. With potentially far-reaching consequences.'


'But to be of substantial importance, we need to fully understand the customer's process. However, everything depends on the customer's willingness to share information with us. The more information he gives, the more we can add value. How is the product handled at the issuing plant? How is it transported? By air, where weight is an important factor? Or in shipping containers, where temperature and condensation are important concerns? Where is the factory of arrival? How fragile is the product? How shock resistant? It makes quite a difference whether the package is transported via Dutch highways or along unpaved roads in the interior of Brazil. We start working on the technical solution when we have a clear understanding of the business aspects. But that doesn't mean that we can't find the best solution even with little information," smiles Dennis.

Quite spicy

'We always try to make the packaging as simple as possible, even though we face a broad spectrum of challenges. The conditions of delivery, for example, can be quite spicy. For example, we had to deliver very expensive designer frames four stories up to our client's customer. In the center of New York. Transport via the elevator was not an option because it was too small. In such a situation it comes down to creativity and expertise. Volume is a more mundane challenge. An empty package is useless volume. That's why we try to apply the plano-tobox concept. The packaging goes flat to the customer and is assembled there. It works cost-effectively and reduces transportation costs. Favourable transport dimensions, shorter packing time and fewer additional resources are also factors that weigh heavily in the development of a packaging concept. That's what makes the work so fascinating,' Rob says enthusiastically. 'Nothing is the same.'


'Of a different order is the challenge of having all parts of the packaging available at the same time of production. Our customer should not notice that we are dealing with different materials from different suppliers with different delivery times. We have to make sure that everything is there on time. If the customer comes up with different requirements after the first fit test, we look together at how it can be done faster, cheaper, smaller, more manageable or smarter. Because we know the customer and the process well, we always arrive at a good solution.'

Years of commuting

'We try to be as sustainable as possible,' agrees Dennis. 'The raw materials for our packaging are from certified wood and cardboard, sourced from sustainably managed forests. The packaging itself is sent in such a way, it is of course not sustainable to retrieve the packaging. We inspect and repair the packaging for reuse if necessary. Then there are the shuttle packages. These commute back and forth between two locations and are designed to be quick and easy to use at both locations. Some commute for years while maintaining the original packaging requirement.'

Special asset

'The fact that we can take care of the entire chain has ensured that we are the market leader in the Benelux and among the top internationally,' Dennis concludes. 'With the Meilink Chain Solutions we are unique. With our subsidiary IPS Technology we also have a special trump card. In an ISTA-certified test environment in Eindhoven we can have prototypes of innovative packaging tested and certified. That makes us the designated partner for a broad spectrum of companies.'

'In 1874, Stoomzagerij en Houtzagerij Meilink en Van Dassen was founded. So in September, the company celebrates its 145th anniversary. We are going to celebrate it grandly. Together with our 300 employees, we're going to throw a big party in Borculo. How do we see the next 145 years? To continue with what we are good at: packing and transporting the unusual in an effective, appropriate and budget-friendly manner. Even to the other end of the world. Any challenge, any time,' says Dennis Groesbeek enthusiastically.

Text: Gerda Baeyens
Photography: Marjo van de Peppel

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