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High-tech cleaning & packaging

For manufacturers in the high-tech industry, we are a specialist partner in high-tech cleaning and packaging of components and assemblies. In our cleanrooms, we clean both ultrasonically and manually, depending on the quality required. We clean products in accordance with the highest cleanliness requirements, even up to Grade 1. In addition to advice, cleaning and packaging, we also provide RGA qualification for demonstrably molecularly clean components, among other things. Before each product leaves the cleanroom, we perform particle qualification. Our customers focus on the development and production of innovative equipment, while we take care of the essential steps of cleaning.


"Everything has been thought about by Meilink. For example, you can intentionally see very clearly that the crates are screwed shut. This prevents the receiving party from opening the crate with a crowbar and still damaging the contents."

Bouke Willems | Royal Eijkelkamp