What moves us

Securing Value

Our motivation and pride is trusting clients to deliver their products on time, safely and in perfect condition, anywhere in the world. That is what we call Securing Value. At every step in the logistics chain and in everything we do, we take as much worry out of their hands as possible and give them room to focus on their core business. We want to contribute to the success of our customers, that is what drives us.

How we do it

Working with Meilink

We thoroughly immerse ourselves in your needs and integrate seamlessly into your supply chain and processes. If something shifts in the schedule, we move with it. Our people, practices and systems are designed to accommodate changes so that your delivery remains assured. In this, we are both solid and uniquely flexible. You arrange it all through one contact person who knows your business and knows his way around all our possibilities. This is anchored in the Meilink Cares concept.

What we do

Our services

Meilink provides industrial packaging solutions, high-tech cleaning & packaging and logistics services. Within these three areas, you can choose from specific products and services so that our services always fit your situation. For example, we help clients from different sectors in the manufacturing industry with project management across the entire chain or customized separate services.

Meilink Cares

We provide:

1. Your delivery reliability
2. Utmost flexibility in everything
3. The right solution in the logistics chain at the lowest integral chain cost

4. Seamless connection to your organization and processes
5. One committed consultant and a decisive team

6. project management for coordination and implementation
7. design through site integration

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