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Technical Purchasing Calculator

Do you enjoy looking for the right suppliers based on specifications and making price agreements with them? Do you know what is going on in the market in terms of prices, quality, delivery times and suitable suppliers? And can you use this information to make sales price calculations for our customers? Then I would like to get in touch with you.

What will you do?

As a Technical Buyer/Calculator you will take care of price agreements with the right suppliers based on the concept design so that you can make a price calculation. You are involved from A to Z and contribute to the realization of the prototype packaging system. Together with the Product Quality Engineer and the Project Engineer you monitor the quality, costs and timely delivery of the prototype. In addition, you are the point of contact for projects not developed in-house and repeat orders. Based on your purchasing knowledge and price agreements you calculate the sales price for our clients.

Fill most of the day with:

  • Putting out price requests to suppliers, reviewing them and negotiating prices for best quality when purchasing materials.
  • Preparing calculations for technically complex packaging systems on the basis of sketches and/or detailed TPD for the purpose of quotations. Hereby you work closely together with a project team.
  • The emphasis in this position is on tactical purchasing and estimating. In addition, you will jump in with order processing and work preparation as needed.

What do you bring?

  • MBO+ working and thinking level;
  • You can read technical drawings and parts lists and preferably have knowledge of materials such as metal, wood and plastic;
  • You make informed decisions and have strong communication skills.
  • You are flexible, price conscious, commercial, driven, accurate and enthusiastic.
  • You enjoy negotiating and getting the best price and quality for IPS;
  • You are stress resistant and can keep a good overview with simultaneous projects;
  • You are able to communicate in writing and verbally with international suppliers in English.

What can we offer you?

In addition to a competitive salary, we offer a nice benefits package. In addition, you get the opportunity to learn and grow. Working at Meilink Group is never boring. Every time there are unexpected twists in projects and many things must be realized under time pressure, because the plane or boat 'never waits'. Working as a team and supporting/helping each other is therefore very important to us.

Working at Meilink/IPS Technology

IPS Technology specializes in the development of tools for transportation such as industrial packaging, tools and specific transportation aids. Our customers ask for high-tech solutions and we come up with them. We succeed because we combine technical know-how with creativity and in-depth knowledge of the world and our customers. In our test center, assembly and cleaning center, we deliver an integrated chain approach that is unique in the market. IPS Technology is part of Meilink Group.

Working at Meilink Group is working at a company that belongs to the top of industrial packaging. Our clients are in the manufacturing industry. They build large and heavy machinery lines, delicate high-tech machines and deliver complete turnkey projects worldwide. Meilink designs and manufactures industrial packaging, packages these industrial (capital) goods and takes care of their transport. Our ambition is to be a seamlessly fitting extension of the client in doing so. Meilink Group has 7 branches with a total of over 400 employees. We want to continue to grow and develop. Our employees naturally contribute to this growth. We believe it is important that employees continue to develop personally and acquire professional knowledge.

You're still here!

We believe that work should be fun and should suit you. In terms of challenges, of course, but the balance between work and private life is also important. So if you sport intensively, or like to take your children to school, then together we can make proper arrangements. You happy, we happy!

Are you the candidate we are looking for? Then we would like to receive your CV and motivation via: hr@ips-technology.com

For more information about IPS Technology, visit: www.ips-technology.com.


"Everything has been thought about by Meilink. For example, you can see very clearly on purpose that the crates are screwed shut. This prevents the receiving party from opening the crate with a crowbar and still damaging the contents."

Bouke Willems | Royal Eijkelkamp