VPS and Meilink move mega oil tank for Cargill

Wouter van Munster: "In consultation and consultation with the colleagues at Meilink Borculo, in particular Jan Wiegers, we were called in promptly to assess with them what the feasibility would be of moving this huge tank from Mainz to Hamburg in Germany."

Impressive dimensions

Meilink, VPS and its partner Hanseatic Break Bulk Gmbh (HBB) then visited Mainz together to look at the site and discuss the possibilities as a team. Ultimately, this resulted in an order for VPS and HBB. Wouter van Munster: "The challenge? Jointly, on behalf of Cargill, to handle the relocation of a crude oil tank, named VT180 ex Mainz to Rotterdam, at Rhenus on the Maasvlakte." The dimensions of the stainless steel tank are impressive: about 21 meters long, a diameter of 9.5 meters and a total weight of about 35 m tons, including some loose material such as the stairs belonging to the oil tank.

Unloaded and in storage

On the morning of October 14, the tank was loaded in Mainz, Germany, aboard the lighter Amoureus. It arrived in Rotterdam two days later on 16 October at 17:00. Wouter van Munster: "Immediately afterwards we unloaded with one crane based on the belly sling principle using a 40 ft spreader bar and nylon slings. The tank will remain in storage in Rotterdam for the time being. It is expected to remain there until the 2nd quarter of 2018. It will then be transported by coaster to its final destination. To be precise: the Ziegelweisenkanal in Hamburg. Over the river it is not possible to ship a tank of this size from Rotterdam to Hamburg. Therefore, the last leg of the journey will be done offshore by coaster. All in all, this is a strong example of logistical service provision and therefore a wonderful project," concludes Wouter.

"A strong piece of logistics service"

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